Sanchari Bhattacharjee

It was a sunny morning on the 3rd of February 2017. I walked down straight from the institute to an industry in quest of enshrining my career in an IT environment. Edifixio a sensational and inspiring learning organization opened up fathomless opportunities in front of a newcomer with all its vastness and diversities. Learning and nourishing my technical competencies in this Company was my dream and I have only grown with the Organisation so far. It has widened my outlook giving suitable opportunity to stretch beyond the boundaries of the country and I look forward to prosper and attain the tallest heights in this long-cherished field of Information Technology with the knowledge and experience I acquire from this temple.The way the Superiors nurture the newcomers to ingrain organizational disciplines in their nascent minds is beyond normal.The social bondage excels in Edifixio here number of events throughout the year helps associates to bond better and we all gel like a family. A family tour every year needs a special mention here. Flexibility, compassion, respect and understanding for and of the individuals are the keywords in this organization. It takes complete care of the overall growth of its employees and promotes and encourages everyone to be a leader in Future India.
I would like to sincerely express my heartfelt Thanks to Edifixio for all the opportunities given to me and I hope to go a long way with Edifixio and enhance my technical abilities to the best level possible.