The whole world around us is trying hard to combat the pandemic. Everything around is so slow and depressing. We are slowly and gradually adjusting with the new normal. 
Most of us are now working from home so the regular chitchat at the office, the coffee, and tea breaks are the thing that we are missing the most. Added to this the present COVID situation and the extended lockdowns are not allowing us to go out anywhere or plan a vacation. 
However, we at Edifixians had not waited much to meet each other and enjoy our time. We are doing various virtual events where we are getting a chance to chat with each other, see each other, and share our thoughts with our colleagues. Edifixio is like our extended family so we share our sorrows and happiness. We are connecting our colleagues with Microsoft Teams and doing a video call where they are showcasing their talents like singing, cooking, recitation, crafts, and many more. 
These virtual events are also boosting our energy and helping to break the boredom of the current situation. So we Edifixians are enjoying our working from home in a creative way.