Annual Tour-Bangalore

Edifixio always tries to make the work place comfortable for the employees with continuous events and activities. One such event is the annual tour that all the employees out here wait for wholeheartedly. The tour not only gives a break from our daily life but also helps us to strengthen our bonding with each other.

Our Bangalore  team went to Kadkani Resort,Coorg for the annual tour during February 2017 . Coorg is officially known as Kodagu, is the most well-known hill station at Karnataka. The exotic scenery and the lush greenery is the most attracting factor of this area. Coorg is most commonly called as the “Scotland of India”.


Coorg  is a most common and attracting weekend destination in Karnataka. Kodagu is the largest producer of coffee in India. Beside the alluring beauty that this place possess there are various other things comes into our mind when we are talking about this stunning hill station of South India. The place provides a wide range of activities that one can enjoy during their stay. This  place was an ultimate destination for the adventure lover like us. The employees had also engaged themselves in various activities like rock climbing, water rappelling, river rafting and many more .

The Kadkani Riverside Resort was the best part of the trip. The Kadkani Resort captures the utmost beauty of Coorg and offers a serene and lasting beauty of the nature. The soothing flow of the majestic river Cauvery by the side along with chirping of the birds in harmony, whistling winds and whispering palms added extra beauty to our stay at the place.


This one day tour was really memorable, a wonderful escape to the nature with a day off from the monotonous busy schedule of our daily lives.