EdifiXio - India

EdifiXio India Private Limited setup in December 2006 is a full subsidiary of EdifiXio SAS based in Paris, France. Edifixio India over time, has developed a strong expertise in the fields of application development, support and monitoring activities. We are the Premier Consulting Partner of Amazon and also Microsoft Azure Partners. Edifixio India specializes in services like Cross Platform Application Development, migration and deployment of enterprise level applications, Round the clock Infrastructure monitoring and support, Automation Testing, SEO and content management of E-Commerce applications.

EdifiXio - Global

EdifiXio Group was formed in September 2000 in Paris by former senior and managing partner of Deloitte Consulting and Accenture. With offices in three continents and having completed projects in varied locations around the globe, we have required global presence and experience to support large manufacturing and distribution groups.


Priyanka Das
Edifixio gave me my first job opportunity to join their organization as a trainee on 17th October 2017. It has been an enriching experience working as an Associate Test Engineer till date.   The Edifixians became my extended family who made me overcome my threshold fear and created a cordial environment for a newbie like me. This organization has given me so many opportunities to work and explore multiple projects and roles. It has always nurtured my technical skills and abilities and It provided the right framework for growth and talent management. 
Soni Kumari
Since joining Edifixio, I have had a good professional journey. After more than a year in the organization, I can categorically say that it has been full of rewarding and learning experiences. It is very motivating to join a company early in its growth process and I thoroughly enjoy working here. The most important thing that I would appreciate is the learning that comes with those opportunities that fueled my learning appetite and I am really overwhelmed to be a part of it.
Souvik Chakraborty
I'm part of the EdifiXio India Family for about 3 years. I began as a trainee in 2016 just after I finished my college, now I work as an Associate Application Engineer. I am very thankful that EdifiXio has given me the chance to uncover my hidden abilities and acquire industry experience. I'm pleased to be working in a team. I learned from many colleagues how to do my work professionally, effectively and efficiently. Everyone I met in EdifiXio has enhanced my knowledge to develop greater and higher.
Sanchari Bhattacharjee
It was a sunny morning on the 3rd of February 2017. I walked down straight from the institute to an industry in quest of enshrining my career in an IT environment. Edifixio a sensational and inspiring learning organization opened up fathomless opportunities in front of a newcomer with all its vastness and diversities. Learning and nourishing my technical competencies in this Company was my dream and I have only grown with the Organisation so far.